"Veteran Owned Business"

Cost Of Services

Residential Single Family (Based On Sq Ft)
  • Up to 2000 Sq Ft $389
  • Add $50 for up to every 500 sq ft over 2000 Sq ft
  • Crawl Space (No Extra Charge)
  • Detached Garage (No Extra Charge)

Multi Family Properties
  • Duplex $489 Termite Report Included
  • 4 Plex $689 Termite Report Included
  • We do not inspect mobile homes.
  • We Inspect New, Used, and Historic Homes

Recommended Additional Fee Inspections
“One Stop Shop”

We Book All But Gas Line For You

  • Radon Testing $150 For Every 2K Sq Ft
  • Termite Inspection $65
  • Gas Pressure Test. "Laclede Gas" Call (314-342-0800) to book
  • Chimney Flue Camera Inspection $129 for camera scope / $229 for camera scope and cleaning.
  • Video Sewer Scope $165 (Over 750K purchase price call for quote)
  • Mold Analysis: Air Cassette and/or Swab Analysis starts at $325 (We conduct test then send to Dr who produces report)

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