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I carry a thermal camera as a standard tool only. I use the camera at my discretion and if the client desires a full scan of the home additional charges will apply. In addition, thermal technology is not x-ray vision. I cannot actually see inside the wall. In laymen's terms thermal cameras only displays surface temperature readings of solid objects and it greatly depends on how much emissivity the object has.

The emissivity of a material is the relative ability of its surface to emit energy by radiation. In addition the camera relies heavily on what's called Delta T. Delta T is the change in temperatures over a given time period. The formula for Delta T is the final temperature minus the initial temperature. Better Delta T and emissivity, clearer the image. Another thing to keep in mind is I use a Fluke TIR which is a great camera for home inspections but there are very expensive much higher resolution camera's on the market that has the ability to bring out anomalies my camera "may not".

Basically Thermal scanning is not a 100% guarantee that defects will be found regardless the camera a inspector is using. If a inspector tells you otherwise I would ask them to back up their claim. To many variables exist. What is promised is a tool that "may" greatly enhance the clients inspection thus possibly saving the client money a typical inspector without the camera would of never found.

In addition, I always confirm moisture problems found with my thermal camera by using a professional moisture meter. I do not evaluate insulation performance issues or provide energy loss or performance related data with a general home inspection. The camera alone is not sufficient enough to provide a complete energy audit analysis. Many home inspectors in and around St. Louis do not offer this level of service and stand alone thermagraphers charge big dollars for a full scan of a home and never a level of service I do for "FREE".

Windows leaking into a home from improper installation.

St. Louis Home Inspections

New Construction vent not cut out in the ceiling.
Duct installed but the hole was never cut.

St. Louis Home Inspections

Overloaded electrical

St. Louis Home Inspections

Leak from bathroom above

St. Louis Home Inspections

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  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

    Thermal (InfraRed) Scans

    At no cost to our clients, STL Home Inspection Services may utilize at our discretion a thermal camera as a tool which may detect defects not visible to the naked eye.

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          I have nothing but praise for STL Home Inspection Services. They came out to inspect a residential property that my mom and I had put a contract on. What they found stunned me! One of the houses had major foundation problems along with other issues. We cancelled our contract to purchase the property. STL Home Inspection Services saved us from walking into a homeowner's nightmare. I hold STL Home Inspection Services in the highest regard for their professionalism, expertise, thoroughness and genuine concern to look out for our safety and wellbeing. Thank you so much for the outstanding service! -- Kim

          Your attention to detail, labeled pictures, and explanations of existing problems are the best that I have seen. Your work is outstanding, and if I know anyone that needs a home inspection I will send them your way! -- Tim

          STL Home Inspection Services was AMAZING! He did the most thorough home buyers inspection we've ever had ...Anywhere. He explained everything to us extremely well, was well versed in all the areas we asked him to check, and took as much time as we needed explaining all the how's, why's and implications of any concerns so we really understood. -- Morris

          You guys were great Saturday. Everyone I have shared your inspection with was very impressed by how thorough you guys were. My brother currently owns 5 properties and has tried a number of inspectors. This is what he had to say: "Your inspection is as detailed as I have ever seen. Whether it was dumb luck or a calculated decision...well done choosing these guys. They have done an excellent job. -- Elliott