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Thank you for choosing STL Home Inspection Services. We strive to make the order process as easy as possible. Once you fill in the form below and submit a member of our team will contact you in two hours or less (unless outside of normal business hours) to finalize your request which will include a complete price break down depending on the number of services you chose to order. If we cannot honor your date/time request we will let you know when the next date/time is available. We look forward to serving "only" your best interest. Thanks again for choosing STL Home Inspection Services.

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Radon, Termite, Sewer Scope, Mold Air Analysis, Gas Line Pressure Check

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Top Questions Asked By Potential Clients

How Long?
Inspections typically last 2 to 3.5 hours depending on size, condition and number of systems. We do not leave until you are satisfied. Third party inspectors such as gas, termite and sewer are normally on-site inspecting with STL Home Inspection Services.

Cost of Services?
Price depends on square footage, number of systems, age and any additonal "Ancillary" services ordered such as radon, termite, sewer scope, mold and gas line pressure drop.

What's Inspected?
You can view a complete list of what's covered under the general home inspection by visiting NACHI.org/SOP.htm.

Report Expections?
The home inspection report is delivered the next evening between 8 to 11 PM. Please notify us if your inspection response date to the seller is limited. Please note: Saturday reports are delivered Monday. Sundays is family time.