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Choose the services you wish to execute. Options are residential, commercial, radon, termite, sewer scope, gas line and mold sampling. You can view prices and explanations for each by scrolling down this page and looking left. Once you made a decision call our office at (314) 805-2137 or simply fill in the form to the right and we will confirm by email within 3 hours or less during normal business hours.

Residential Cost:

Up to 2K $369

2k to 2500 Sq Ft $429

2501k to 3K Sq Ft $469

3001k to 4K Sq Ft $529

Over 4K please call.


Multi and Condo Units:

2 Family $549

4 Family $750

Condo $329

Over 4 Units please call.

Commercial… Please call.


In addition to what is listed above, we offer ANCILLARY SERVICES which includes everything you’ll need to make the best decision! Every service below can lead to high cost repairs and/or safety issues. I am typically asked what’s most important and my answer is all of them.

  • Radon Testing $149
  • Termite Inspection $75
  • Sewer Video Scope $179
  • Gas Line Leak Test $159
  • Mold Sampling $369 (3 Indoor 1 Outdoor)


Included No Additional Charge…

  • Free – Infrared Scan (Inside Scan)
  • Free – Report Review (Zoom.com)
  • Free – Inspection After Repairs
  • Free – Ask Inspector Questions for Life
  • Free – InterNACHI buy back program
  • Free – $100K in Warranty Coverage

InterNACHI buy back program. (See Full Program Details)


Cash, Checks, Credit Cards Accepted


Radon Testing 

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States right behind smoking. It comes from Uranium rock and typically penetrates basements and slab foundations. The only way you will know if you have a problem within the home is by testing for it. We use state of the art equipment that delivers professional results and reports.


Gas Line Pressure Test

Gas lines are checked for pressure drop. If a drop in pressure is observed the 3rd party contractor we will book for you will recommend repair. In addition to checking pressure, the contractor will inspect the water heater, furnace, stove, gas logs and AC equipment. If there are more than two furnaces, AC’s, fireplaces there will be an additional charge.


Termite Inspection

Termites eat wood and do millions in property damage every year nation wide. We have saved numerous clients from buying a money pit several times over. 


Sewer Scope

State of the art equipment is pushed through your sewer pipe. The camera records offsets, breaks, bellies, clogs, water being held and type of pipe material you may have. Repairs can be in the thousands. Once you close, you own it. There will be an additional fee for more than one sewer lateral line if more than one exist.


Mold Sampling

If we see mold we will tell you. Most people who test for mold do so because they are allergic. All homes have mold. The question is what type and how bad is it. To answer that question, we can do both air samples and spot samples. Rule of thumb is air samples cover up to 400 sq ft of space.

Samples are sent to a mold specialist for overnight delivery to a lab. A report is then sent by the specialist explaining types of molds found, spore count and translates it to if it’s something you should be worried about.