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St. Louis, MO Home Inspector

STL Home Inspection Services is a military veteran owned company operated by a Certified Master Inspector® who has spent countless years consulting with other veteran home inspectors and contractors. We specialize in single family homes, light commercial, multi-unit buildings and condos and have been inspecting in the St. Louis, MO area since 2008.

In addition, I also offer ancillary inspections: Radon Testing, Gas Line Inspections, Sewer Scopes, Termite Inspections and Mold Sampling.


Radon, Termite, Sewer



When hiring a home inspector, first impressions are very important. The end result, however, should always leave you speechless. Buying a home is possibly the largest investment you will ever make. Experience, longevity and investigating social media reviews should be your first consideration when making a decision to hire a professional home inspector.

Top Reasons Why Many Choose

STL Home Inspection Services

Industry Veteran (Going on 15 Years)


There are many inspectors to choose from and there are also many new inspectors with little to no experience. As an industry veteran with many years in the business and thousands of homes inspected, I am confident in what I do and have saved many clients from very costly repairs. Just read my Google reviews. The knowledge I possess will be very evident onsite, through numerous online reviews and through-out my report. I have the heart of a teacher. I am one of the highest rated companies in St. Louis and take great pride in helping people.


Modern Detailed Reports (Full of Pics)

Sample Report

Research, ample time spent on site, utilizing professional software with amazing picture display and building system and design knowledge are key in order to produce an accurate home inspection report. With that said, no one knows everything. That’s why I started one of the largest Facebook home inspector forums in America. If I don’t know something, likely one of my 9k+ members will.


Numerous 5 Star Reviews (Google/Yelp)


If I don’t deliver an inspection deserving of a 5 star Google review let me know and there will be no charge for the home inspection (Excludes 3rd Party Orders). Even better, I will hand you $100 to pay you for your valuable time, no questions asked.


Confidential and Insured


I carry professional errors and omissions and general liability insurance. In addition, under no circumstance is your report released without your permission.


We Have You Covered 

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All of my home inspections come with a free infrared scan to help discover the presence of things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. In addition, if your roof is too steep or too tall to walk, I will launch a nifty drone with 4K high definition picture technology so I can inspect hard to reach areas! Can’t make the inspection? No worries! I am a Zoom expert and will step through the report with you at no extra charge. Lastly, I offer warranty coverage. Get 3o days free. See Full Details.

In addition to the building we offer the following ancillary services:

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My Sample Reports Speaks Volumes

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150+ Reviews

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This is our first home purchase and I spent a long time reading reviews for home inspectors. After seeing such glowing reviews, STL Home Inspection Services was an obvious choice. Billy was extremely thorough and had great communication with us during our home inspection. He was extremely kind, helpful, and we appreciated his relaxed demeanor. He answered any questions we had and put together an excellent report that I'm sure we'll reference for a long time as we slowly improve the home! We were impressed with how quickly he put together the report, working with our tight timeline. I hope to work with Billy again in the future - he's very knowledgable, flexible, and an all-around good guy. I'll be sure to refer him to any friends of mine looking for an inspector.



My husband and I are thrilled with Billy's thorough inspection of a home we were looking into buying. We knew it had a rotted deck and needed flooring, and we were a bit leery, but Billy helped save us tens of thousands of dollars with his incredibly thorough inspection. He alerted us to some major repairs that needed to happen on the chimney, the furnace, the foundation, and even more that would have made the house a money pit. Thanks to him we walked away happily, knowing we'd been spared all of that hassle and frustration. When we find our house we will DEFINITELY hire him again. He was kind, respectful to both of us equally, he let my husband follow him through the whole inspection and explained everything to him. He does the house inspection and he has a team to do the extraneous stuff like termite/brown recluse, sewer, etc. I had every possible inspection checked on our list. We called him on a Monday and he had that whole team out there on Tuesday, I don't know how he did it! We were a few minutes late meeting him and one of the other inspectors had already almost finished his inspection! (termites and brown recluses, etc). Anyway, I cannot say enough about the thoroughness and the timeliness and the friendliness. I would recommend him to anyone.



I have worked with Billy several times over the past 4-5 years and found him to be extremely thorough and very conscientious. Any time I had a question he was back to me within a day or two for clarification. Having been a builder myself in years past I would recommend him to anyone.

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