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Gas Line Inspections


Gas piping is tested by using a manometer or water column gauge. A very small amount of pressure is inserted in the piping system. The system is then monitored for pressure drop. If a drop is observed the specialist will recommend repairs. Once repaired the gas line should be pressure drop tested again until the line holds adequate pressure which is acceptable to a gas line pressure drop specialist.

Top Reason To Hire a Gas Line Inspection Specialist!

A. When there is a leak in a gas line and the room begins to fill, even a tiny spark can ignite the cloud. The second reason gas leaks are dangerous is because it can produce carbon monoxide when there is incomplete combustion.

Do you order?

A:  Yes I coordinate with a 3rd party gas line inspection specialist who will show up at the time I am completing your inspection.

In addition to checking gas lines for a leak, the gas line specialist will inspect all gas related items within the home. Example… fireplace gas logs, furnace, water heater, gas stove ect… and my contact will inspect your AC equipment as well at no additional charge.

St. Louis Gas Line Pressure Testing

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